Ned is an accomplished Cartographer, and has created several city maps for Oregon communities. He has produced tour maps, a Canoe & Kayak paddling guide of the Coos Bay area, a Recreational River Chart of the Coquille River, port maps, vessel storage charts, hazardous waste poster and wall maps.
Shipwreck charts covering maritime events on the Oregon Coast are currently being finalized and the first three of a series are available.
Ned is a Graphic Designer and Commercial Artist. His highly detailed fine-line pencil and pen & ink drawings of ships, lithographs of trains and engineering drawings of some of the Oregon lighthouses are available. His art is in notecards, prints and original pieces. He has designed a Centennial Plate, Spoon and Silver Coin and many logos.
His computer graphics are reflected in his museum brochures, postcards, bookmarks and various publications.


Bandon, Oregon and Coquille River maps Bandon Oregon map and Coquille River Chart
Southern Pacific's Daylight Train Southern Pacific's Daylight Train Drawing
Coquille River Lighthouse Drawing Coquille River Lighthouse, Bandon Oregon
Bandon, Oregon book by Carol Acklin Bandon Oregon book by Carol Acklin
Shipwreck Chart of Oregon 4 Shipwreck Chart of Oregon